Order of Leviathan


The Hall of Leviathan

Once Leviathan- always Leviathan

Fair Winds to our fallen brother, Captain Pernell Taylor

Remember the Captain

so bold and so true

so wounded in battle

now gone from his Crew

He shall live on

in our memory

altho he now sails

a distant sea

Remember our Brethren

whose time was too short

I pray we meet up

in some heavenly port


Still by my side

in a raging sea

In my daily battles

they stand by me

Remember the Captain

good company yer in

and you are the pirate

you have always been

waiting to greet you

on that distant shore

are all the brethren

that crossed o'er

(Dedicated to our beloved Cap'n Pern 5/21/14 by Willoughby Caught)


"Remember the Captain" written by Cindy Warner for the Memorial to Captain Pernell Taylor, 2014