Order of Leviathan


The following is the only content deleted from the original Guidelines of December 30, 2014 for reasons of clarity, redundancy or wordiness. The deletion of these words in no way impacted the meaning of the document.


It may be said (rightfully so) that these, revised, articles are longer than the original set that were voted in by the membership. This is not due to increasing the strength and scope of the original articles, but because of required clarification of those articles. The originals, while brief in places, left a great deal of grey area for misinterpretation. These new guidelines endeavor to clear away all confusion.

It should be noted that the majority of these Guidelines are common sense, and are truly guidelines for those who wish to do more than simply be a member of the Order. Article 1(d) lays out the ONLY responsibilities for all members of the Order. Those who wish to do more within the Order must be held to higher standards.

Degrees of Membership: It must be stated, there is no hierarchy within the Order of Leviathan. No single member’s vote carries more weight than that of any other. However, due to real life constraints and interest, there will be members who choose to do more within the Order than others.

The Hall of Leviathan will be comprised of Ceremonial Title holders. These are members who, for whatever reason, have stepped away from active membership, yet we recognize their service and contributions. These members are not eligible for the normal perks of active membership, such as voting and purchase of swag, but a place of honor is still held for them should they wish to return to active status.