Order of Leviathan



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Voting for Induction

In addition, members of the public may also nominate those who they feel may be worthy for induction. No individual may nominate more than a single member per election cycle. We will include the Order’s members’ recommendations before the general public. The Order members should have the first say as to who should be nominated for membership.

Nominations will begin in January of the electoral year, and the actual election will take place from Aug 1-31 of the same year. All members in good standing may vote for the twelve candidates whom they would like to see inducted. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held from September 1-10 to determine which of those worthies will be inducted.

Adjudication: The Election Process will be adhered to and enforced by the Steering Committee. Only 13 members may be inducted at any given election cycle.

Induction Procedures:

The public will submit their nominations to Mutiny magazine, and that list will be combined the Order of Leviathan’s list. There will be a cutoff limit, only accepting 100 names in total.

Mutiny magazine will narrow the public’s list to fit the remaining slots. Example: Mutiny magazine will remove false candidates such as SpongeBob and non accepted nominations and the like.

This 100 list will then go to the Steering Committee and the Master Leviathans to further narrow down the choices to 50 possible candidates, of which the members of the Order will vote on. The list of 50 candidates will be posted in Mutiny Magazine for all to see.

There will be no more Facebook voting. Each member of the Order will be voting for 12 pirates out of the possible 50. The list will be tallied by Mutiny Magazine, and the winners will be announced and featured in Mutiny Magazine.

The rules and regulations as well as the email address to send nominations to will be posted in Mutiny Magazine and given to the Order members so that the process is straight forward, public, and fair.