Order of Leviathan


Here is supplemental information regarding the Simplified Guidelines.

 This additional information comes from the Original Guidelines of December 30, 2014, and is intended to further clarify the Guidelines for Members of the Order. 

In any Voting situation: Only ACTUAL votes shall be counted, with a simple majority being the deciding factor. A member not electing to vote on a particular matter shall never be counted as an automatic yes or no vote.

Dues: Use of Dues: Dues cover the cost of medallions for incoming members as well as the Order’s website, its maintenance and the production of Mutiny magazine.

regarding Conduct:

This is a subject that has been hotly debated within the membership. In the end, while we have no desire to be our brother’s keeper, there are those members who make their livelihood within the pirate community. All members should keep in mind that their actions could cause damage to the reputation of others and literally take money from their hands. As brothers (and sisters), we should always give one another the benefit of the doubt and, when looking into things, must weigh both sides carefully.

The Order does NOT get involved in matters of “he said/she said” and does not police the words of members unless the member is claiming to speak for the Order as a whole. While we ask our members to remember that induction is an honor that they are granted, it is also an honor granted to their fellow members. We ask that personal grievances be set aside and that members attempt to treat one another with decorum.

  • Private Matters: The Order recognizes that one’s personal affairs are one’s own affairs and not that of the Order. It is simply asked that members think how their actions reflect upon us all.
  • Public Matters: In general, it is encouraged that members keep to general decorum when dealing with the public. Prolonged and lengthy “flame wars” on community boards look bad and reflect poorly on us all by association. The Order asks that members attempt to refrain from this sort of activity in public forums. At no time should a person use their membership in the Order as part of such arguments. Directly involving the Order may result in punitive action by the Order.
  • Speaking for the Order: No member, outside the Steering Committee may represent themselves as speaking or acting for the Order as a whole without authorization of the steering committee.

Criminal Activity: We do hold ourselves to a certain standard, as our fellowship reflects upon all of us. Conviction of a felony or violent crime will be grounds for immediate call for dismissal from the Order. Other actions, should they bring the Order of Leviathan into disrepute, will be examined on a case by case basis.