Order of Leviathan


 PLEASE NOTE: The Guidelines have been simplified for language. These original Guidelines have been left up for comparison purposes. In the spirit of transparency so that it can be seen there have been no changes in content, but in language only, with the addition of a member voted amendment to voting privileges. (Guideline 2)

It may be said (rightfully so) that these, revised, articles are longer than the original set that were voted in by the membership. This is not due to increasing the strength and scope of the original articles, but because of required clarification of those articles. The originals, while brief in places, left a great deal of grey area for misinterpretation. These new guidelines endeavor to clear away all confusion.

It should be noted that the majority of these Guidelines are common sense, and are truly guidelines for those who wish to do more than simply be a member of the Order. Article 1(d) lays out the ONLY responsibilities for all members of the Order. Those who wish to do more within the Order must be held to higher standards.

The concept of the Steering Committee is based on the sailor’s tradition of a “round robin”

This term dates from the 17th-century French ruban rond (round ribbon). This described

the practice of signatories to petitions against authority (usually Government officials

petitioning the Crown) appending their names on a document in a non-hierarchical circle

or ribbon pattern (and so disguising the order in which they have signed) so that none

may be identified as a ringleader.

This practice was adopted by sailors petitioning officers in the Royal Navy (and first

recorded in 1731).

OoL Round Robin Table:

We have adopted the Round Robin concept for our Steering Committee to keep to the code with matters regarding the Order of Leviathan. All have equal say at the table.

The Helmsman has the lead role at the table and will have the call to vote on matters. Each member of the Steering Committee will cast their vote on such matters to be brought before general membership.

The Guidelines:

An amendment to the Articles of the Order of Leviathan: December 30, 2014.

Guideline 1 – Membership

  • Nomination: Each member of the Order of Leviathan who is in good standing can nominate one prospective member. In addition, members of the public may also nominate those who they feel may be worthy for induction. No individual may nominate more than a single member per election cycle. We will include the Order’s members’ recommendations before the general public. The Order members should have the first say as to who should be nominated for membership.
  • Election: A vote will be held every two years for prospective members to become Inductees. Nominations will begin in January of the electoral year, and the actual election will take place from Aug 1-31 of the same year. All members in good standing may vote for the twelve candidates whom they would like to see inducted. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held from September 1-10 to determine which of those worthies will be inducted.
  • Adjudication: The Election Process will be adhered to and enforced by the Steering Committee. Only 13 members may be inducted at any given election cycle.
  • Induction Procedures:

The public will submit their nominations to Mutiny magazine, and that list will be combined the Order of Leviathan’s list. There will be a cutoff limit, only accepting 100 names in total.

Mutiny magazine will narrow the public’s list to fit the remaining slots. Example: Mutiny magazine will remove false candidates such as SpongeBob and non accepted nominations and the like.

This 100 list will then go to the Steering Committee and the Master Leviathans to further narrow down the choices to 50 possible candidates, of which the members of the Order will vote on. The list of 50 candidates will be posted in Mutiny Magazine for all to see.

There will be no more Facebook voting. Each member of the Order will be voting for 12 pirates out of the possible 50. The list will be tallied by Mutiny Magazine, and the winners will be announced and featured in Mutiny Magazine.

The rules and regulations as well as the email address to send nominations to will be posted in Mutiny Magazine and given to the Order members so that the process is straight forward, public, and fair.

  • Responsibilities: The sole requirements for membership within the Order of Leviathan are to be elected into the Order by the existing membership, and to abide by the Code of Conduct ( see Guideline 3) Elected members have no further mandatory responsibilities to the Order.

Guideline 2 – Organization

Degrees of Membership: It must be stated, there is no hierarchy within the Order of Leviathan. No single member’s vote carries more weight than that of any other. However, due to real life constraints and interest, there will be members who choose to do more within the Order than others.

Voting: Only ACTUAL votes shall be counted, with a simple majority being the deciding factor. A member not electing to vote on a particular matter shall never be counted as an automatic yes or no vote.

  • General Membership: All individuals in good standing who are elected into the Order of Leviathan are members. These members receive access to the Order of Leviathan Social Media page (currently Facebook) for discussion amongst the members. Members are invited to vote in the election of new inductees and, at any time, may call for a “Fo’c’sle Council” (a vote by all members) on any matter involving the order. In addition, in the rare event that a member is considered for removal from the Order, all members shall vote on such a matter. A simple majority vote by all members is the highest and most binding level of vote amongst the Order.
  • Guiding Members: Members wishing to be more active in the Order’s operation become Guiding Members. They pay annual dues of $40 (payable by April 1) and receive access to the Order of Leviathan online forums. In recognition of their efforts, Guiding Members may serve as officers of the Steering Committee. A vote by a majority of Guiding Members is considered binding unless overturned by a vote of the full membership.
  • Guiding Members will be allowed to purchase and wear a sterling silver version of the medallion.
  • Use of Dues: Dues cover the cost of medallions for incoming members as well as the Order’s website, its maintenance and the production of Mutiny magazine.
  • Master Leviathans: The Master Leviathans are an advisory committee made up of former officers of the Steering Committee. It is hoped that their past experience may aid in guiding the current officers should the need arise. A vote of a 2/3 majority of the Master Leviathans may override a simple majority vote of the current officers . In turn, any vote by the Master Leviathans may be overturned by a majority vote of the Guiding Members or the General Membership.
  • Positions: The positions of the Steering Committee, elected by the Guiding Members, are in charge of the day to day affairs of the Order. This includes, but is not limited to, collecting of dues, answering of media inquiries, and approval of commercial use of Order assets (such as the Order‘s logo). No position on the Steering Committee shall serve more than two terms in a single office unless no other candidate may be found.
  • Nomination of Steering Committee positions: Shall begin the first day after induction of new members. Positions must be nominated by Guiding Members and must be (or become) Guiding Members themselves. Nomination will last for 30 days.
  • Election of Steering Committee: The election shall be run amongst Guiding Members. It shall begin at the closing of nominations and will run for one week. Candidates with the highest number of received votes shall take the position. In the case of a tie, a runoff election will be held for that office, lasting an additional week. Should no clear consensus be reached by that point, the current holder of office shall name their successor.
  • Vacancy of position: Should a position be vacated at any time, the members of the Steering Committee may name a replacement to fill the position for the rest of the appointed term.
  • No Candidate: Should no person be willing to take a position within the Steering Committee and the position be truly vacant for an extended period of time, it falls to the other members of the Steering Committee to ensure that the role of that position be carried out in the most efficient way possible.
  • The Positions:

The positions of the Order of Leviathan make up the Steering Committee, responsible for the day to day affairs of the Order. While accountable to the membership, it is understood that they act as the proxies for the Guiding Members and may act on their behalf without further vote. However, the Steering Committee may be overruled by the Master Leviathans, the Guiding Members, or the membership as a whole and are not unaccountable for their actions. Terms of office are approximately two years and begin and end 38 days after an induction ceremony.

  • Helmsman: The Helmsman has the lead role in the Steering Committee of the Order. He/she will have the 'call to vote' on any addition to the articles or events involving order members or Order business via regular voting by the officers or the Guiding Members. Should an urgent matter arise that is time sensitive, the Helmsman is empowered to act unilaterally on matters of high urgency (such as legal matters and emergency disciplinary matters – covered below). The Helmsman may also ask for the creation of an advisory committee of members to further look into a particular subject.
  • Navigator: The Navigator is the second to the Helmsman in matters relating to the Steering Committee and may act in his stead, if the Helmsman is unavailable, on urgent matters. In addition, should the position of Helmsman become vacated, the Navigator will assume said title.
  • Sergeant at Arms: The role of the Sergeant at Arms is to resolve internal disputes within the Order of Leviathan and to investigate gross misconduct (discussed below). In the case of a dispute between two members those members may bring their dispute to the Steering Committee for arbitration. Such arbitration is not a requirement, but is offered to the members as a way to move past an ugly impasse.
  • Purser: The Purser is responsible for the funds of the order as well as ensuring that all fiduciary matters of the order are properly handled (which may require outside services). Upon request, the Purser must be able to provide a full accounting of Order funds. The Purser shall also be responsible for the Treasure Chest, a petty cash of no more than $200.00 to be used for operational funds such as printing, postage etc, without the need for a members vote as to dispersal of these kinds of operating costs. This is also pursuant to commonly recognized accounting procedures.
  • Keeper of the Codex: The secretary and historian of the Order, the Keeper of the Codex is responsible for recording the details of all official meetings, activities, and decisions made by the Order and for keeping the records of all member’s contact information, signed articles, and archives of important communications. The Keeper of the Codex will also maintain copies of any contracts, agreements, and permits, and also will keep the minutes of the Steering Committee meetings, and post a condensed version of these minutes to the members’ social media page in order to keep the members informed.
  • Lookout: This person serves as the contact for outside media and is the official liaison for all media inquiries. While any member may speak to the media on their own behalf, the Lookout is the primary contact for media relating to the Order itself. Further the Lookout position will assist members in the preparation for official Order events to be held in public venues. This is to include assistance in acquiring permission and permits as well as any needed special arrangements (such as those for induction ceremonies).
  • Requirements: It is to be known that these positions above are working positions and it is understood that these positions have duties that need to be fulfilled at all times to ensure that our ship keeps its course. If at any time a member of the Steering Committee cannot fulfill their duties as outlined above the position will be put to a vote by the Steering Committee to fill that position.

Coordination:The Steering Committee is dedicated to working with both the East and West coasts to unite all Order members to further Leviathan spirit wherever members shall be and to help with organizational activities such as event planning.

Guideline 3 – Conduct

This is a subject that has been hotly debated within the membership. In the end, while we have no desire to be our brother’s keeper, there are those members who make their livelihood within the pirate community. It behooves all members to keep in mind that their actions could cause damage to the reputation of others and literally take money from their hands. As brothers, we should always give one another the benefit of the doubt and, when looking into things, must weigh both sides carefully.

The Order does NOT get involved in matters of “he said/she said” and does not police the words of members unless the member is claiming to speak for the Order as a whole. While we ask our members to remember that induction is an honor that they are granted, it is also an honor granted to their fellow members. We ask that personal grievances be set aside and that members attempt to treat one another with decorum.

  • Private Matters: The Order recognizes that one’s personal affairs are one’s own affairs and not that of the Order. It is simply asked that members think how their actions reflect upon us all.
  • Public Matters: In general, it is encouraged that members keep to general decorum when dealing with the public. Prolonged and lengthy “flame wars” on community boards look bad and reflect poorly on us all by association. The Order asks that members attempt to refrain from this sort of activity in public forums. At no time should a person use their membership in the Order as part of such arguments. Directly involving the order may result in punitive action by the Order.
  • Speaking for the Order: No member, outside the Steering Committee may represent themselves as speaking or acting for the Order as a whole without authorization of the steering committee.
  • Criminal Activity: We do hold ourselves to a certain standard, as our fellowship reflects upon all of us. Conviction of a felony or violent crime will be grounds for immediate call for dismissal from the Order. Other actions, should they bring the Order of Leviathan into disrepute, will be examined on a case by case basis.

Guideline 4 - Powers of Enforcement

In the end, the powers afforded to the Order are those essentially granted by the members themselves. In keeping with the primary spirit of the Order of Leviathan, there is little one can do to be removed as this was an honor bestowed upon you by your peers. However, there are occasions when action must be taken. The powers of the Order of Leviathan are as follows.

  • Private Censure: A member who has caused great trouble within the Order may be privately censured within the Order. This is not a public affair, but serves to show the membership at large that the matter has been resolved and the member spoken to. Censure of this sort requires a majority vote of the Steering Committee.
  • Public Censure: A member who has brought the order into disrepute may be censured by public statement by the Order. Such a censure will generally begin with an apology for the poor behavior of the member and a clarification of the Order’s stance on the matter. Censure of this sort requires a unanimous vote of the Steering Committee.
  • Revocation of Support Status: Should the continued actions of a member be so disruptive and damaging to the whole of the order (such as cases of repeatedly passing oneself off as speaking for the Order and acting in contrary to Order policies) the Order may revoke a members supporting status. No dues will be refunded and the member will be limited to voting on matters of open, full-membership vote. Action of this type requires the Steering Committee to first agree by a simple majority and then it will be taken to the supporting membership for a vote.
  • Suspension from the Order: Suspension from the order may only be invoked after a member has been censured a minimum of three times. Should a member’s actions continue to bring the Order into disrepute, the Order must act to preserve the reputations of its members by association. Suspension of the Order will be accompanied by a statement by the Order, apologizing for the behavior of the member. This statement may be public or private, depending on the nature of the offenses. E.g. (removal from our communications, Facebook, website until acting reasonable again). Action of this type requires the Steering Committee to first agree by a simple majority and then it will be taken to the supporting membership for a vote.
  • Ejection from the Order: Such a matter should only be undertaken in the most grievous of matters; Conviction of a felony or violent crime, assault on a fellow member, harassment and stalking of a member, willful and egregious damage to property, theft from the Order. Such action requires a vote among-st all members and shall be decided by majority of votes cast. Vote for the ejection of a member will only take place after a one week period where both sides may present their case and then the vote will take an additional week.

Guideline 5– Insignias of the Order

While we encourage members to make use of the logo of the Order for their personal use, we do place some limitations on usage of these materials.

  • Use: Use or publication of the Leviathan insignia or the name "Order of Leviathan" by members for purposes of business or charity must be approved by the Steering committee. No contracts may be signed using the name of the Order of Leviathan without the written and express permission by the leadership and/or its members as a whole. Furthermore, the Order's Symbols may not be reproduced for commercial use without the consent of the Steering Committee.
  • Re-Sale of Jewelry: The Leviathan symbol is held by our brothers and sisters in arms in this unique group within the pirate community. Purchase of items such as the ring, medallion or any talisman, comes with the understanding that they may not be sold to anyone outside the Order. Should such items be put up for sale, the Order will have first right of purchase at their original cost.
  • Tattoos and Rings: All tattoos must be done by official O.L. tattooists or a professional, qualified and sanctioned tattoo artist. Such tattoo artists must be approved by founding member Talderoy, or (in his absence) by the Master Leviathans. Skinny Dog Designs is the official sanctioned ring maker for the Order of Leviathan and all rings must be made by, and purchased from, Skinny Dog Designs. The medallion is made by Mad Davy Flynt.
  • Any member who wishes to wear the official, silver, OoL ring, has the right to do so. The Order of Leviathan does not provide the ring and it must be purchased separate of any membership within the Order.
  • In recognition of their efforts on behalf of the Order, members of the Steering Committee are allowed to have a gemstone of their choice placed in one of the eyes in the skull of the ring.
  • Master Leviathans will be able to purchase a modified Order of Leviathan gold ring as a symbol of their service.
  • Alteration of Imagery: Alterations of the Order of Leviathan logo or tattoo (other than by an Order approved tattoo artist) is forbidden without the approval of the Steering Committee. Some alterations are considered pre-approved for personal use. These should follow common sense guidelines and include, but are not limited to,
  • The inclusion of the word “Member”.
  • The inclusion of the member’s name or stage name.
  • The inclusion of a member’s induction date.
  • The names of a group of an entire group of inductees
  • The names of the entirety of the Order’s membership.
  • The title of office held by a member of the steering committee.
  • Commercial Use: Commercial use involving the Order of Leviathan name or logo must be approved by the Steering Committee and must involve a portion of proceeds going to the Order itself to pay for expenses or to put towards a selected charity. Such items must only be made available to members of the Order.

Artwork will be made available for members’ use to ensure a consistent quality of product.

(I) Sticker size for members’ use shall not exceed 24 x 24 inches.

(II) Teeshirts, hoodies and hats should remain exclusively as a fund raising tool for the Order.

(III) The logo and artwork must remain unaltered. However it may be used as part of a design to show a member’s pride on member’s only merchandise, personal belongings and on social media.

  • Order of Leviathan: Members will refer to the Order as Order of Leviathan or, internally, OoL. The use of the word [the] will only accompany the title of the group at the beginning of a sentence with the [T] capitalized. If the group is referred to in the middle of a sentence the |t] will be lowercase in the word [the]. {Example: "The Order of Leviathan was present at... ", "Today the Order of Leviathan was at... "}. The name of the group is "Order of Leviathan", not The Order of Leviathan.

Guideline 6 – Rights of Membership

  • Votes: If a member of the Order has a topic of concern or business to be voted on by the OoL members, they can submit that concern to the Steering Committee for determination if it should be put to a vote by the Guiding Membership. Should the member be unsatisfied with the result, they may call for a vote by the full membership.
  • Insignia: Members have the right to wear the insignia of the Order on their person whether as clothing, jewelry, or tattoos.
  • Confidentiality: Anything shared privately within the Order (whether in person, writing, electronic media, etc) shall be treated as confidential within the Order and is not to be shared publicly without prior approval from the involved parties or as approved by the Helmsman as part of a statement of censure.

Guideline 7 – Hold Harmless

The Order of Leviathan shall be held harmless for any injury or loss of personal property, or property damage. You agree to hold harmless the Order of Leviathan and its members while in the capacity of holding any event using the Order of Leviathan insignia and or representing the Order of Leviathan in any public or private venue.

Guideline 8 – Acknowledgment of Guidelines

In order to protect officers and founders from liability, to be a member of the Order of Leviathan, these guidelines MUST be acknowledged and signed. The Order of Leviathan requires a written declaration that these guidelines have been read and understood.

Guideline 9 – Hall of Leviathan

"Once Leviathan – always Leviathan."

The Hall of Leviathan will be comprised of Ceremonial Title holders. These are members who, for whatever reason, have stepped away from active membership, yet we recognize their service and contributions. These members are not eligible for the normal perks of active membership, such as voting and purchase of swag, but a place of honor is still held for them should they wish to return to active status.