Order of Leviathan


The Hall of Leviathan

Once Leviathan- always Leviathan

"Once Leviathan – always Leviathan."

The Hall of Leviathan:

Once voted in, we are all ceremonial title members of the Hall of Leviathan. This includes members who, for whatever reason, have stepped away from active membership, yet we recognize their service and contributions. These members are not eligible for the normal perks of active membership, such as voting and purchase of swag, but a place of honor is still held for them should they wish to return to active status. The Hall is also a place to remember and honour those members that have crossed to Fiddlers Green.      Guideline 9

We fondly remember our shipmates who have gone to Fiddlers Green.

Captain Pernell Taylor, Devil's Dozen, charter member of the Order of Leviathan
Willoughby Caught ( Cindy Warner) Devil's Dozen, charter member of the  Order of Leviathan

It was in Captain Pern's memory  that our Official Charity shall be the Colonial Seaport Foundation  and their construction of an 18th century Sloop, the Luna, a project Captain Pernell Taylor was very involved in. It was also a project close to Cindy's heart, and for that reason we shall continue to support Luna in our national charitable endeavours, in honour of them both.



These Members have chosen to be Out To Sea :
John Sterling,  Oderlesseye, Bob Brinkman