Order of Leviathan



Members of the Order of Leviathan by Induction page 1

Here is a comprehensive list of all the members of the Order of Leviathan in order of the year of Induction

The Founder and the first appointments to the Order

Talderoy Acrew   Founder, Viceroy (2010-2014)  Treasurer (2014-2015) Master Leviathan, Pirate of the Year (2009)

Kommodore Klaus

Dave Nichols

2010 - The Devil's Dozen Induction aboard the Bounty at Fell's Point.

Captain Charles Black

Braze Pressganged for Merit.

Willoughby Caught  Scribe (2010-2014) Master Leviathan

Jules Evermore

Jeff MacKay Grand Leviathan (2010-2014) Master Leviathan

Michael MacLeod

Margot le Merchante de Marseilles

Commodore Midnight  Sargeant at Arms (2010-2014) Master Leviathan


Sea Wolf

Captain Jamie Bellows

John Sterling

Tony Swatton ( Pirate of the Year 2010)

Stynky Tudor