Order of Leviathan



Members of the Order of Leviathan by Induction page 3

Here is a comprehensive list of all the members of the Order of Leviathan in order of the year of Induction

2014 - combined Induction aboard the American Pride at Longbeach

Master Robert "Cockroach" Blair

Dogfish Briggins

Bob Brinkman

Diosa de Cancion

Spoo Diggity

Jean l'Marquis de Eglise  Navigator (2015)

Mad Davy Flynt

Francesca ( Kendra)

Gunpowder Gertie  Viceroy (2014) Helmsman (2015 -present)

Lycan Hunt  (added 2015)  Purser (2015)

Will "Smithy" King  Sergant at Arms (2014-present)

Knotfist  Lookout (2014-present) 

Machete Betty

Zachariah "Splinter"  McCormick

Rebecca MacKay


John Marinus

Crazy Boots Martin

Mad Eye Mitch

Robin St. Graves

Topknot  Pressganged for Merit, Award of Excellence (2014)

Scurvydog Whitman Award of Excellence (2014)

Captain Horatio Sinbad

Mr. Smee

Captain Syn

Chris Biggs