Order of Leviathan



The concept of the Steering Committee is based on the sailor’s tradition of a “round robin”

This term dates from the 17th-century French ruban rond (round ribbon). This described

the practice of signatories to petitions against authority (usually Government officials

petitioning the Crown) appending their names on a document in a non-hierarchical circle

or ribbon pattern (and so disguising the order in which they have signed) so that none

may be identified as a ringleader.

This practice was adopted by sailors petitioning officers in the Royal Navy (and first

recorded in 1731).

OoL Round Robin Table:

We have adopted the Round Robin concept for our Steering Committee to keep to the code with matters regarding the Order of Leviathan. All have equal say at the table.

The Helmsman has the lead role at the table and will have the call to vote on matters. Each member of the Steering Committee will cast their vote on such matters to be brought before general membership.